The soul train is God-ordained. Not just by way of an inspired idea but as a matter of instruction.

Imagine Television Sets put on display at sales points on the streets drawing the attention of so large a crowd! People would stop and gather at bus stops to watch movies and other programs on TVs which by the way, they have in their own homes.

Soul Train is set to reach and engage these people on the streets; to take the gospel to them, to their very doorsteps in the form of entertainment which they seek.

It is time to Announce the gospel in a different way. It will be a brand-new exciting, social experience for the both Christian Community and the society at large!

This is Music Outreach with a difference.



Soul Train is a definite recipe not only for Christian entertainment but indeed for Church growth, foraying into the hearts of communities with the gospel.

It is not about Buchi. Loads of talented Christian Artiste are looking for platforms of self-expression. The soul train provides this platform, exposing the new voices in the ministry and giving them the opportunity to use their music to bless lives.

Working closely with churches,organizations and people that are missionary minded,so that souls won during the concerts will be handed over to these churches for proper follow-up and discipleship

To Christianize our environment and to win as many as we can before the Lord returns.


Majorly,Soul Train works in partnership with the Innercity Missions,Project Ceasefire and BFAM (Bible for all Missions);to distribute FREE bibles to the people reached. Stage Branding and occasionally getting representatives to speak along these lines are some of the ways to promote these causes.


Free copies of Bibles, Rhapsody of Realities, Now That You Are Born Again and some other Ministry Materials are distributed to the new converts.


An International Standard stage fully equipped with Power,Sound and Light strategically set on a moving truck that makes it easy to market the gospel from city to city.

It s our responsibility and mission to reveal God and to minister His presence to many audience through music… and in this we are willing to count our profit in souls.

The Guy who might be pulling the trigger tomorrow could get saved today…